Almost, but just not meant to be
So, on Thursday, I took a chance and revealed to someone close to me that I was attracted to her.

We'd been good friends for about 3 months, and seemed to be getting along well together. We had similar interests, seemed evenly matched, and she was about the sweetest woman I've met in San Diego in my 6 months here.

So, I summoned up the courage and asked her on a date.

However, she had to turn me down because we are in a position similar to boss and employee, and the rules of the place we met won't allow us to date. I hadn't been sure this was case before I asked.

However, she said that I was so sweet for asking, and that she was very flattered by my attention.

It's unfortunate, these sort of rules.

Ah well, it's just not meant to be. But I'm glad that I at least asked her....Got it off my chest. I'm very single right now.

In other events I bought a new laptop yesterday. I'm in technophile heaven right now. Woo hoo.

I'm just beginning to expand my use of livejournal. I have yet to take time to read more of other people's journals and start posting comments with other people, which is what the site is mostly about. It seems like livejournal's fallen off since the last time I used it a few years ago. Many people's journals have been unused for years. And most others seem to keep their journals private now.

OpenDiary went the way of the dodobird not long ago. Is LJ next? Where will I go to post online journals if so? You can't post just everything on a facebook page. Some things you want to be semi private....

A year of greatly productive writing, the sequel
This continues a post from two posts ago about a yearlong productive spurt in writing that I recently experienced.

After I finished my first novel, tentatively titled "A different Logic," which was a rebuttal to Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged, I did not break or take time off, but continued right on to the next project I had in mind.

I then wrote a novella called "Lifeform," of nearly a hundred pages. Lifeform is about an alien race who visit the earth and end up schocked by how violent the human race still is, and decide not to reveal their own culture to the earth in order to protect themselves from us. The book's theme, in keeping with my philosophical style, is the foremost in importance, at least as important as the story. The theme is in advocacy of non-violence, and challenges humanity to realize how uncivilized it still is.

After Lifeform, I wrote a short story which was Dickensian in theme, contrasting the life of the richest man on earth with that of the poorest.

After this short story, I moved right on to another novel, finally finishing a novel called "Running Out of Time," which I had begun in 2001. It is a time travel novel about a man who leaves for the future to find immortality through scientific advancement he hopes will occur in the future, which will defeat aging. But what he finds in the future is not exactly just as he'd hoped. Dystopian.

I then wrote a 150 page memoir, which is only still in a basic draft at this point.

And at this point, I was still only 7 months into this year of great productivity.

In July 2013, I began my 4th novel, called "From Now to Infinity", which contains vignettes from the life of a man who is from a future generation with an indefinite lifespan, who never age, due to genetic advances. Sci fi mixed with philosophical points, as usual. This book through December 2013 grew to 500 pages, when I took time off from it to pursue other projects. It only needs 100 pages to be finished however.

So, in the space of a year, I completed (or nearly completed) 4 novels, a memoir, and a short story, and I began work on another novel and short story as well.

This post gives some idea of the kind of writing that I do, and I hope I have not revealed too much about my writing, for I will seek to publish these works in the future. I've only given brief summaries of what my work is about however, to protect me from intellectual theft.

2013 was a great year for me in writing, and I hope that 2014 will be even better!

What Charles Dickens means to me
Charles Dickens became one of my favorite authors when I first read him at age 40. I had avoided reading him in high school I admit, so I was introduced to him late in life.

I read Oliver Twist first, and found that I loved everything about Dickens, from his linguistic style, to his vocabulary, to his compassionate themes concerning orphans and the poor. Oliver is simply the perfect book to express such themes.

In my own writing, I want to emulate Dickens in many ways, from using the same vocabulary, to writing about issues which concern the underpriviledged, poor, orphans, and homeless.

My first novel, which is still unfinished, follows the life of an unfortunate woman as she goes from loved and included to mentally ill and homeless, dying eventually anonymously on the streets. It's a heartbreaking book.

In me second novel, at least one character echoes Scrooge in a more modern setting, and another scenes is reminiscent of the end of A tale of Two cities.

Charles Dickens has influenced me enormously therefore.

I have read Oliver Twist, The Old Curiosity Shop, A Christmas Carol, Hard Times, Bleak House, Great Expectations, A tale of Two Cities, The Cricket on the Hearth, and The Chimes. I am currently reading David Copperfield.

A year of writing... : )
So, I have to decide what I really want to use this journal for, now that I’ve opened up a page here. Probably I will discuss my writing and ideas somewhat.

To speak of my writing, I must begin with the topic of reading. From late 2011, to late 2012, I spent a year trying to see how many books I could read in one year. I ended up reading 114 in a one year period, a new record for me. Many of them were thick books, not easy reading, classics like Charles Dickens or Jane Austen. I read a book about every 3 days.

In addition to reading, I endeavored to expand my vocabulary by looking up every word I didn’t know in the various classics that I read. In a year, I added 500 new vocabulary words to my vocabulary, most of them 19th century Dickensian words.

When I was nearly finished with my year of reading, I thought that perhaps I would take the next year and apply myself to my writing. I had always been interested in writing a novel, but had not applied myself to finishing one previously.

I ended my year of reading with an old favorite, Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I had once been a staunch follower of Ayn Rand’s ideas, in my teens and early 20s.

But in my late 20s and 30s, my views moderated, and I began to believe in having compassion on the poor, which was very much departed from Rand’s ideas.

When I read Atlas Shrugged, at age 40 at the time, I immediately came up with an idea to write a book with the opposite premise as almost a foil to her book.

I started my year of writing by applying myself to writing this new novel.

From the beginning of the project, my creativity flowed.

I wrote nearly every day, and in less than six months time, I had finished a novel of 300 pages, my first finished novel ever. (I had written 75% of another novel in my early 30s, but never finished it.)

Briefly, my novel, in contrast to Atlas Shrugged, centers on caring politicians and rich philanthropic businessmen and women who help the poor worldwide in the face of a selfish revolution going on in American politics. It is just the opposite in premise from Atlas Shrugged, but written in the same polemical philosophical style as Rand herself.

I often say that I am a mix stylistically between Rand and Dickens, which is quite a strange mix. Dickens is said by some observers to be the polar opposite from Rand in themes.

What I am endeavoring to do if I publish is no less than offering a book which could do for liberalism what Rand did for conservative/libertarianism with her books.

The theme of this first book is charity, through and through, exploring every detail of the viewpoints about charity both pro and con from the aspect of the protagonists and antagonists.

Because this post may grow too long if I add more to it, I will continue to describe what happened in the second half of this year of writing in another post.

First Post
My first post on livejournal in some time.

Probably the most important thing to know about me is that I am an aspiring novelist, who has written 4 new novels in the space of the last year. I am in the very early stages of attempting to publish my work now.

I write in a style similar to Ayn Rand, but with themes that are nearly opposite, more along the lines of Charles Dickens. My first novel is a mild rebuttal to Atlas Shrugged, buy in the same polemical form as her novels--quite passionate.

I decided to sit down and take my writing seriously near the end of 2012, and I found that my creativity simply flowed. I finished my first novel in 6 months. I then finished another novella and short story in the space of a week. And another mid length novel in 3 weeks. Then, my fourth novel I began in July 2013, and have almost finished it at present; it is over 800 pages long.

I surprised myself by succeeding so well in writing this past year, and the fact that I finally finished a novel--a dream of mine since age 19--has made this one of the happiest years in my life.

I'll write more about my novels in future posts, but I just want to remember this post as coming at a time when I am really in the deepest felicity, to use a more Dickensian word. : )


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